Workers of the world

In an increasingly interconnected world, the struggles of working people don’t stop at national borders. Supply chains and capital flows certainly do not. Why should solidarity?

Our reporting on the international dimensions of working people’s fight for a better world is supported by Bertha Foundation.

UK teachers aren’t backing down

UK teachers have voted to step up their existential fight against funding cuts and toxic surveillance, showing how dire the conditions in schools have become.

Inside the UK’s first Amazon strike

Facing burnout from overwork, mistreatment from managers, and a cost of living crisis that is pummeling working people, Amazon workers at a warehouse in Coventry are making history and striking for higher wages.

Rail workers of the world, unite!

Railroad workers and union reps from the US, UK, and France discuss the class struggle in their respective countries and how these struggles are connected internationally in this special episode of the ‘Working People’ podcast.